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These pictures are the result of a 2 day glass blowing vacation on the Oregon coast.

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My first glass First use of color
This is my first glass. This vase is the second piece I made. Its a bit wonky (the base was ground to make it stand up).
Green vase - the color is growing on me A blue vase with twirly patterns on it
This is the third piece I made.

This vase has a nice shape and the green color is growing on me :-)
This is probably one of my favourite pieces but it is very tricky to photograph
- the weird blue mark on the top isn't really there

In the pictures section are a lot of picture showing it being made
A plate - spun at the end to make it flat
This is also tricky to photograph. Its a plate made in basically the same way as everything else.

But right at the end it is spun to tun it into a plate. Think of it as a glass that melted outwards.
A bowl
And yet another difficult one to photograph and probably my favourite piece overall.
The photograph has it resting on a piece of plexiglass - so you see the reflection below as well. It is lit from two spots, one either side.

The color is a fine powered glass in blue and yellow. The yellow is applied mainly around the base. The blue started off as an all over layer and then was appplied in dabs elsewhere.

And also the piece with the most mishaps.
- It fell on the floor when we switched the rod from one end to the other (so it has a boot mark on it)
- It then cracked when we finally released it from the rod at the end (so it has been fixed with a windshield crack repair kit to make the cracks less obvious and hopefully keep it in one piece)
A red/orange glass A green sphere
A red/orange drinking glass - I tried very hard to keep the orange at one end and the red at the other when applying the color.

I quite like the effect.
And finally the fishing float which seems to be the main occupation of glass blowers in the Newport area.

And now Kyle's glass creations

This is Kyle's first piece. Had this piece been photographed from another angle you might have been able to see the trademarked lines on the inside from "skillful" use of the jacks.
This nice spotty drinking glass was Kyle's second creation.
This plate was especially designed for those cocktail parties where you need to hand out apertizers. The specially designed hand hold was by no means an accident :-)
Last piece of a long exhausting day ! This piece decided to make a break for freedom after being disconnected from the "punty".
This pink vase seems to have picked up some cracks in the middle layer. Interestingly they don't seem to appear at the surface. Paul assisted in this one by doing the "punty" transfer (he is very pleased not to have splatted it on the floor in the process)
This one didn't photograph quite right - it is the requisite fishing float every Newport glass blower has to make.

And finally some pieces the teacher made
(with our help in case of the big bowl)

This twirly plate was made by Michael (the teacher) he used a blow torch on it to bring out the colours. This large bowl was made mainly by Michael but with our help. It gets very hot when dealing with an item this large.

We provided the colour choices (very artful even if we say so ourselves) and provided help in shielding Michael from the heat, doing some of the blowing, paddling and reheating the piece at various stages.