Cool what you can do with photoshop !

The following pictures are a selection of the pictures I like.
They contain a lot of the people pictures and of course the beaver.
As well as some of my other favourites.

You may need to adjust your monitor to correctly handle all shades from white to black. I have had a lot of trouble getting the pictures to look right on the web - hopefully I have it right now

Monitor adjustment helper

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Is it only Kathy that fell out ?? There seem to be very few people in this boat ?
One of those waterfalls that runs through the narrow rock canyons
Splash !!
I like how the light worked on this one
Do you remember those fossils that Anne found ?
This one is on the way down in the morning.
The famous beaver !!
The paddle boat after surviving the rapids
Too many cooks ?
Another morning shot on the hike down.
The colors came out pretty good here
This came out really well with the yellow in the background
The path fits very nicely in the frame
A very silly trick shot... Are there really ghosts in the canyon ?
Mary and Nikki
A very dead tree with a sunset canyon wall in the background
Another tree - but a little more alive this time
Nice rocks (shist ?) opposite our campground one morning
The throne room.
A waterfall
Who is this in front of the waterfall ?
A kind of nice group shot with lots of people in it
Somewhere in that place with all of the waterfalls
Steve waiting to paddle ?
No not that kind of paddling !
A cactus (prickly pear I am told)
And finally another waterfall