Here is the first film from the Grand Canyon - it covers mainly the rim and the hike down

You may need to adjust your monitor to correctly handle all shades from white to black. I have had a lot of trouble getting the pictures to look right on the web - hopefully I have it right now

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A rock outcrop over the canyon Another rock outcrop A gadget for locating landmarks A building near the cabins at the top A cactus I think ? Another rock outcrop Some kind of visitor center A morning lit rock Nice light on the hike down Further down the trail Purple flowers next to the trail A nice pattern made from the path Looking back towards the top Are we nearly there yet !! Finally near the bottom Side of the canyon Our glorious leader ? Rafts in the canyon A waterfall More of the waterfall More waterfall And would you believe... I think this is the best A tree sillouette Lets go for a paddle Monet's the bathers ? More bathers A flowering cactus A single flower on a cactus Another copy of the outcrop :-) Finally another shot of that building - I don't really like this one !
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