Cool what you can do with photoshop !

The following pictures are a selection of the pictures I like.
They contain a lot of the people pictures and of course the whales and ice (and bears).
As well as some of my other favourites.

You may need to adjust your monitor to correctly handle all shades from white to black.

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This bear and his rotting fish is from the one day trip we did to Admiralty Island before the whales and ice trip.
One of our first sightings of a whale - the only one I got with a spout
This is a closer view of a whale - the texture is quite amazing. I only noticed it once I got the pictures onto the PC.
How close were we to those whales !!
This is kind of cool with the water dripping.
We never did work out from the whale identification chart who this was.
One for the brochure :-)
That dot is a whale breaching - look at the big version if you don't believe me
Lunch time again.
This was originally just a picture of the boat we traveled back in.
But I accidently got a picture of a couple of whales in the background
Talking on the trip over.
This guy sure was laid back.
Kayak and background.
Close up of a glacier.
Plants in a scenic setting.
Another glacier - we hiked to the top of this one. Then later padelled along the bottom of it.
More foliage with glacier in background.
This fuzzy guy crawled onto my camera bag and I have a new macro lens
- what can I say :-)
This was a long timed esposure of the northern lights. To the eye it looked like a series of flashing ghost like clouds.
Over 30 seconds this is what the camera saw.
Lunch anyone ! (Thats Evan in the background)
Ice sculpture.
Tina, Jeremy and Barbara playing on the ice.
OK so I added the rocks as eyeballs in this one (and got wet feet in the process)
But the eye sockets and mouth were already there (or had been carved by an earlier group)
One human foot print and some bear prints.
This eagle seemed to be drying off. It sat and watched us make camp one night.
Setting up camp in front of a glacier. (lucky its receding !)
All that waiting and I did get a few shots of a glacier "carving".
This is one of a sequence of shots.
White fuzzy flowers.
On the last day we noticed this brown black bear (it seems all black bears aren't).
A waterfall falling down an ice face.
Lunch again - the scenery seems to have gotten bigger and us smaller.
This final picture is actually 6 pictures hand stiched together and is a complete panoramic view of a glacier.
The full version is rather large. [The observant amongst you will notice this image is also the basis for the title image at the top of the page]